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Why HBR?



Sit back and relax! At HBR, we do 95% of the work for you! Other than an intake call and a few required forms, our clients have very little to do when we are Recruiting for a position. We take the burdensome candidate sourcing and screening tasks off your hands. This lets you focus on your business revenue while we work to find you the great staff members you need! We know your time is valuable, so we will only send you the candidates who not only meet the skill & experience levels for the position, but who complete all of the items associated with your selected My1Hire Recruiting Package!



In today's Candidate-Driven Employment Market, speed is key! When you make a My1Hire Recruiting Package purchase with HBR, we’re instantly off to the races! We won’t sit back and simply wait for candidates to answer Job Ads. We are the very best at finding passive candidates and gaining their interest in our positions. This aggressive & effective approach results in fast, quality hiring for our clients.



Think most Recruiting Firms charge too much? So do we!

The typical Recruiting Firm charges percentage-based fees that average 20%-25% of First Year’s Salary while Staffing Agency / Temp Agency practices add a fee to a Temporary Employee's Hourly Rate, typically contracted for a year and at an even higher overall cost.
With HBR, there’s no guessing on our fees and no lengthy contracts. We only offer Direct-Hire Recruiting Packages that won't change based on compensation levels. Our Flat-Fee My1Hire Recruiting Package options average around 50% of what our competitors charge and with HBR, you get a whole lot more “bang for your buck!"

My1Hire Recruiting Packages



Time Savings Rating = C

Features Rating = C

Candidate Completion Rate = 60%-65%



Time Savings Rating = B

Features Rating = B

Candidate Completion Rate - 35%-40%



Time Savings Rating = A

Features Rating = A

Candidate Completion Rate = 5%-10%

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