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About Us

Our Story

HBR was created as a result of our Ownership Team's collaborations on the two sides of the Recruiting & Staffing coin. Their very diverse and opposing backgrounds lead to unique discussions on why Hiring Managers & Business Owners ultimately decide to hire or not to hire a Recruiter to help find employees! The results of these talks provided a strategic advantage when creating the HBR Business Model.

Having both a Recruiting perspective as well as an opposing Business Client perspective allowed HBR Ownership to iron-out all of the typical problems, objections and pricing issues that Recruiting Firms & Staffing Agencies face every day. This resulted in the creation of easy-to-use, fast and effective Recruiting products! This is great news for our clients because it allows for a very "hands-off" approach, giving them the opportunity to focus on business while HBR focuses on finding the candidates and eventual employees they need!

Next, they made sure to offer these services for a much more reasonable pricing structure than your typical percentage-based Recruiter Fees. Most Recruiting Firms charge a placement fee equal to 20%-25% of a New Hire's First Year's Salary. While most Staffing Agencies or "Temp" Agencies add Service Charges to a Worker's Hourly Rate that are typically contracted for a 1 Year Period and equivalent to that same 20%-25% of First Year's Salary. In contrast, our flat-fee, tiered Recruiting Packages average less than half of those typical fees!

Finally, HBR guarantee's our work! We guarantee our candidates for 30, 60 or 90 Days, depending on the My1Hire Recruiting Package you purchase! Why different level guarantees? It's simple. The more opportunities we get to interact with candidates as they move through the items included in your Recruiting Package, the better we feel about guaranteeing their tenure with your company.

Our Team of Ownership and Employees at HBR are here to help make the process of finding, pre-screening and hiring your next employee as painless, effortless and affordable as you could ever expect! We look forward to answering any questions you may have and the opportunity to earn your business!

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Please take a moment to explore which one of our My1Hire Recruiting Package options is right for your Recruiting needs. If you still have questions after exploring the Features & Pricing we have listed, give us a call!

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